No Consumables

 Pressure sensitive writing; real writing experience; make writing totally different.

 No need of pen & marker & chalk; any hard objects can be used as writing tools, even your fingernails.

Video >>Calligraphy practice

  Green & Healthy

 Eco-friendly; dust-free; no odor pollution; no mess; green and clean; good for health.

 Non-backlight technology; reflecting by natural light; no radiation; eyesight care.

Video >>Paint with your fingernails

  Save Money & Energy

 One key erase; rechargeable built-in lithium battery;

 Money&energy saving, no electricity consumed while writing, only weak current generated while erasing; can be erased at least 1000 times after being fully charged.

 Paperless, no pens and papers, save money.

Video >>Sketching & Drawing

  Unique Equipped Pen

 Making writing and drawing more fun; equipped pen with soft and hard tips in each end.

Video >>

Different sizes for your choice, 18” / 26” / 40”.

Ultra-thin design, light panel, very convenient to take.


Paperless draft board

Office meeting


Message board

Brainstorming writing board

Kids scribbling

Calligraphy practice

Parent-child interaction

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