• 2020 ISE was held in Amsterdam from February 11 to 14. As the most professional exhibition in Europe for audio-visual equipment and information system integration technology  (hereinafter referred to as ISE), So far, it is the most successful and largest professional industry-wide exhibition in Europe.

    ISE is an annual exhibition ,which is held by Infocomm international, at RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


    Our company exhibited the LCD writing board with new features, partial erase and transmission & storage function, many distrubitors speaked highly of our products, which also attracted a lot of exhibitors who made All-In-One Touch Screens to experience and negotiate cooperation.

  • Abstract: The 77th Educational Equipment Exhibition was held at Qingdao International Exhibition Center on 12th, October, 2019. The new product LCD blackboard, smart classroom solution and All-in-one PC attracted numerous industry professionals.


    It is known that China Educational Equipment Exhibition is the largest platform for display and communication, and the beacon of the market as well. LONBEST LCD blackboard achieved a new breakthrough by its one key erase, partial erase, synchronous transmission and saving functions. The new product also gained recognition by the distributors, teachers, parents and educational industry professionals.

  • On October 9-11, 2019, World DIDAC Asia is hosted  in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the past ten years, the exhibition has grown into a landmark exhibition of teaching aids industry in Southeast Asia. It is famous for its professional audience and high quality. It has a very good reputation among Chinese exhibitors. The exhibition is held annually and is a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Thai market.


    We reached a cooperation agreement with our partner - Starcast, to jointly plan and attend the exhibition, focusing on LCD blackboard, to create an intelligent teaching scheme. It attracted many school leaders and teachers to experience it. Its dust-free and environmental protection concept of health, keeping the original writing experience, was highly recognized by the leaders and teachers, and gave many constructive suggestions.


    And we also attracted exhibitors from France, South Korea and Spain, who also spoke highly of our products. Among them, the French and South Korea exhibitors clearly stated that they would show our products at the French educational equipment exhibition next month, and preliminarily reached cooperation.

  • Educational IT Solutions Expo was held at June 19-21, 2019, in Tokyo, EDIX is the biggest and most influential exhibition for education equipment in Japan, it is a very good chance to promote for negotiation and cooperation, introduce the new products and service.


    We were invited to attend this exhibition, and we showed our the new products - LCD writing board, the new features: dust-free, no pens, green and clean, eyesight care, eco-friendly, etc.. It is favored by many customers.


    Many distributors are very interested in LCD writing board, they are very optimistic for  the market prospect.

  • Abstract: LONBEST LCD blackboard was rated as "The Golden Award Product" at the 76th Educational Equipment Exhibition(26th-28th, April, 2019) and enjoyed great popularity among clients.


    The findings about shortsightedness of adolescents by National Health Commission shows that the shortsightedness rate of adolescents was 53.6% in 2018. The vision health issue has been taken seriously by parents, schools and society. In this case, "eyesight care" products were popular, and LONBEST LCD blackboard was listed among them.


    Not the same as LCD display, LONBEST LCD blackboard adopts non-backlight technology to reflect the the handwriting by the natural light. Dust-free, no radiation, no need of chalks/markers/, eyesight care, partial erase are the advantages over other blackboards. Almost 30 local distributors from China became the partners of LONBEST.

  • Abstract: The 30th Beijing Educational Equipment Exhibition was successfully held in National Convention Centre from 6th-8th, March, 2019.


    LONBEST has been dedicated to the research and development of LCD blackboard for several years. Since the successful mass production of one key erase LCD blackboard last year, LONBEST has achieved partial erase function to improve the writing experience. As the unique partial erase LCD blackboard in global market, it attracted more and more partners to LONBEST group.


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