At present, the LCD Writing Board on the market are all one-click-erase, no partial erase, which has become a worldwide technology obstacle. The partial erase function developed by our company achieves the same experience as the traditional teaching blackboard writing and erase, and fully meets the teaching and writing requirements.


The whole screen surface is divided into innumerable horizontal and vertical lines by etching technology. After voltage applied on any line, an electric field similar to one-click-erasure writing screen will be formed in the grid at the intersection of the lines, leading to the liquid crystal configuration change in that grid. At the same time, Infrared technology will be adopted to calculate the size and position of the artificial eraser, with voltage applied in this same area on the screen, the grid area erasing is realized.

We are the first company who has developed partial erase on LCD Writing board all over the world, and we have patents for this invention.

 How to use it:

Place the special eraser over the writing on the board, and move the eraser slowly to realize the automatic erase of the area where the eraser passes.


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