• It adopts flexible liquid crystal technology to achieve pressure sensitive writing and natural light reflective display. No dust, no consumables, non-backlight, one-key erase, eyesight care, all these features make it the revolutionary product of writing.

  • We could write with equipped pen or any hard objects with moderate hardness. Don't scratch the surface by sharp items, such as keys or knives.

  • No, because the handwriting is displayed by reflecting the natural light and there's no radiation for human bodies.

  • The two models B60P / B65P can achieve partial erase function.

  • No, it's mainly for writing.

  • Electronic equipment has electromagnetic radiation, which can damage students' eyesight after viewing for a long time. While the handwriting of LCD E-writing board is displayed by natural light reflection, thus there's no ionizing radiation, and can be viewed for a long time without damaging the eyesight.

  • No, it can only display green mark.

  • It depends on the frequency of erasing, it can be normally used for three months.

  • It doesn't consume any electricity while writing, only weak current is consumed while erasing.

  • With sufficient light supply, it is clearly visible 30 meters away.

  • Charging the board with equipped USB cable, then try again.

  • We only accept normal size we offer at present.

  • We suggest you'd better use it indoor to avoid damages it may occur outside.

  • We suggest spray moderate ethyl alcohol firstly and wipe the surface with a clean cotton cloth.