What is the Writable Surface technology of LONBEST LCD E-writing Blackboard?

LCD E-writing Blackboard   LCD E-writing Blackboard

The writing screen consists of three layers, the upper layer is PET transparent film with ITO conductive layer on one side, the middle layer is composite layer with liquid crystal, and the lower layer is PET non-transparent black film with ITO conductive layer on one side. The polymerizable monomers dissolved in the liquid crystal system can be rapidly linked into polymer network and the liquid crystal system can form multi-domain structure by the combined radiation of ultraviolet light and infrared light with a certain time and intensity. The writing screen makes the liquid crystal form a plane texture through pressure touch to display the writing and turn into a nematic texture through voltage applied, and then turns into focal-conictexture to clear the writing on the screen.


Why did we develop LCD E-writing Blackboard? What are the benefits to end users?

Traditional blackboards based on chalk writing produce a lot of dust in the process of writing and wiping, which endangers the health of teachers and students. Writing on whiteboard consumes a lot of marker pens emitting irritant smell. Staring at electronic display equipment (flat panel, LCD touch panel, electronic whiteboard, etc.) for a long time will cause visual fatigue and damage students' eyesight. LONBEST LCD Writing board perfectly solved the dust-pollution problem. You can write with any hard objects on the board, even our fingernails.

The display principle of the E-writing board is based on the external light reflection, no electromagnetic radiation; eyes are not fatigable, no irritant at all. The writing marks on the board are visible from 30 meters away because of high contrast ratio. Ultra-wide visual angle makes it clear to see from any corner of the room. One button erasing replaces manual wiping to save time. Besides, partial erasing is also available. Each point on the board could be erased repeatedly for 100,000 times. With instant saving and synchronous transmission, the writing could be automatically generated and saved to devices such as mobile phones, laptops, supplying convenient electronic notes for checking anytime and anywhere.

 LCD E-writing Blackboard

How do we control product quality?

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High standard production operations

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Dust-free production environment


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Extreme environment test