LONBEST LCD Writing Blackboard Wonderfully Appeared in the 82nd China Education Equipment Exhibition

2023/10/24 17:21

On October 22, 2023, the 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition with the theme of "Digital Empowers Education, Innovation Leads the Future" came to an end at the Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center. At this exhibition, Shandong Lanbeisite Educational Equipment Group will participate in the exhibition with the industry's first 90-inch LCD blackboard and joint multi-brand display solutions.




Completely eliminate dust pollution, carefully protect the health of teachers and students


For eighteen years, LONBEST has been committed to solving the dust pollution problem caused by traditional blackboard writing. It was the first in the world to launch healthy and intelligent LCD writing board products, setting off an ecological writing revolution. The LONBEST electronic blackboard series products are simple, smart, green and environmentally friendly, deeply solving the pain points of traditional blackboards such as dust pollution, single functions, and difficulty in erasing. At this exhibition, LONBEST won the honorary title of "Brand Enterprise".




Make friends with "blackboard writing" and show the charm of calligraphy


LONBEST held a blackboard writing competition at this exhibition, selected two groups of winners, and awarded surprise prizes on site.



After eight years of continuous investment in R&D, the company has overcome a number of bottlenecks in LCD blackboard technology and obtained more than 200 patents with partial erasing technology as the core, including more than 70 invention patents, covering 53 countries and regions around the world.

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