4000*1305mm Aluminium Alloy Sliding Blackboard

1. The sliding green blackboard is made of lacquer steel plate, matte green, no reflection, anti-glare, no glare, smooth writing and clear handwriting, color coordination and visual effect, effectively relieve the visual fatigue of students.

2. The back of the sliding green blackboard is galvanized steel plate, the frame is aluminum alloy frame, the four corners of the frame are wrapped with ABS, and the interior is made of polystyrene board. A variety of high-strength environmental protection materials are used, which has good durability and environmental protection performance.

3. A hidden sliding system is placed on the sliding track to prevent dust and debris from entering and solve the problem of sliding affected by dust.

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Product Details

The green sliding blackboard is made of high quality materials, beautiful design and diverse sizes, which perfectly matches with Interactive Flat Panel.

Green sliding blackboard

Products Specifications


 Sliding green board




4000mm*1305mm, 4300mm*1305mm or customize

Plastic corner

Thicker ABS

Material of surface

Lacquered steel sheet

Core14.5mm thickness, polystyrene board.
Backboard0.14mm thickness, galvanized steel sheet.
Structure4 boards inside, 2 fixed panels in the behind, 2 sliding boards in front.
LockThe sliding panel can protect the display screen when closed and locked.
Board wheels

Side “U” shape wheels with shock-absorbing rubber sleeves will be equipped on the sliding boardwhich guarantees smooth sliding in the channel.

Display screen positionThe LCD display screen can be built-in middle.
InstallationInstallation accessories included, Installation video and installation manual will be given.

Size selection


We've got  sizes of 4000*1305mm and 4300*1305mm, matching with 75" and 86" display screen. we provide baffles for adjustment, in order to make sure a really perfect fit and neat appearance. in case you want different sizes, please touch me.

Detail Images 

sliding green board

The surface of sliding green blackboard is matte, no glare, no reflection, writing handwriting clear, can protect eyesight. Avoid slipping and reflexes.

sliding green board

    Inverted U-shaped hidden sliding system, avoid dust and debris into the slide, will not affect the blackboard sliding.  Precise positioning, low sliding noise.

sliding green board

    Sliding green blackboard with 30mm ultra wide dust trough, can be placed chalk, board eraser and other teaching supplies, can prevent dust falling to the ground, keep the ground clean, only need to clean the dust trough regularly.

sliding green board

    The top of the sliding green blackboard is equipped with a limiting device to prevent hand injury when pulling, but also to prevent panel damage, prolong the service life.

sliding green board

The four corners of the frame are made of ABS material and arc design, which can not only prevent the product from bumping, but also prevent the injury of teachers and students. 

Horizontal Sliding Green Blackboard

There is a mechanical lock in the middle, which can be locked when the LCD display is not in use to protect the screen from damage.

material introduction

Application Case

application case

application case

application case

application case

Company Profile


Lanbeisite company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. As a professional blackboard manufacturer dedicated to solving the problem of campus dust pollution, we have focused on making blackboards for 17 years. The core component is its own research and development, production, has its own research and development team, has obtained more than 100 patents at home and abroad, has been the first in the Chinese education market for 8 consecutive years, and has become a model of high-quality products in the industry.

As a leader in the global blackboard industry, we always regard social responsibility as the foundation of growth, forge ahead, and strive to build the most valuable and socially responsible enterprise in the education industry.








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Product packaging



Can you guarantee the quality? How long is your warranty?

Our QC will strictly check each process to ensure that each process is qualified. And before shipment, we will check and make sure there is no problem with the quality of the blackboard. Our warranty is 3 years.


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