Aluminum Frame Vertical Sliding Green Board

1. The surface of the board is lacquered steel sheet, the back is galvanized steel sheet, and the border is aluminum alloy border, which is made of high-quality materials, and the automatic production line is used to cover the plate to ensure that the bonding is firm and the surface is smooth.

2. The handwriting on the board is clear, easy to erase, and does not reflect light.

3. The board adopts the up and down push-pull lifting structure to increase the writing height area, and it is very easy to switch the writing surface of the blackboard, and the whole is very beautiful.

4. The installation method is wall-mounted, and we provide installation instructions and installation videos, which is very easy.

5. Provide three years warranty service, because any value quality problems need to replace the product, we provide freight.

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Product Details

         Vertical sliding blackboard, say goodbye to the traditional blackboard, make teaching more interesting!

Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

Products Specifications

Size: 400×210 cm.

Board surface: Lacquered steel sheet

Inner core: polystyrene plate

Back plate: Galvanized steel plate.

Frame: Aluminum alloy.

Corner: ABS.

Installation: Wall-mounted, invisible installation, no exposed connectors.

Warranty period: three years.



Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

The Vertical sliding blackboard is made of industrial grade national standard aluminum alloy material with ABS round structure, wear-resistant, tensile, no deformation, beautiful appearance, durable, no sharp burrs, long service life.

Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

The up and down push pull blackboard uses high-quality lacquered  steel sheet, dark green, gloss ≤12 gloss units, will not produce vertigo, long-term viewing of the blackboard will not be eye fatigue.

Vertical Sliding Green Board  

Smooth lifting gear, smooth lifting wheel, no noise, easy to use, firm and stable, not easy to wear.

Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

The blackboard slides up and down, making teaching fun and writing easy.

Application Case

Vertical Sliding BlackboardVertical Sliding Blackboard


Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Company Introduction

Shandong Lanbeisite Co., LTD., focusing on writing products for 17 years, is a research and development, production, manufacturing, sales as one of the blackboard manufacturers, has repeatedly won the title of famous brand products, famous trademarks, gold products, the main product "multimedia teaching writing board", for many consecutive years of production and sales ranked first in the domestic market segment industry, become the industry's product quality benchmark.  The core components of the blackboard are all their own research and development and production, obtain more than 200 intellectual property rights at home and abroad, and the sales network is all over the world.

Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard


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Vertical Sliding Blackboard

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