Wall Hanging Chalkboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard

1. The four corners of the blackboard are made of ABS, which is strong and durable to prevent collision and injury.

2. A single green board is equipped with cushion rubber pads to avoid noise when colliding with the outer frame.

3. The surface of the board can be adsorbed magnetic buckle, which is convenient for teaching and display.

4. The board surface is written with metal paint; The backplane is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate; The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles with high quality materials and long service life.

5. The installation adopts suspension invisible installation, no exposed connectors, the overall appearance is generous.

6. Three years warranty, any questions feel free to contact us.

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Product Details

The vertical sliding blackboard writing board is large, perfect for larger meeting rooms and lecture theatres.

Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

Products Specifications

Size: 400×210 cm;  customized.

Board surface: Lacquered steel sheet

Inner core: polystyrene plate

Back plate: Galvanized steel plate.

Frame: Aluminum alloy frame.

Corner: ABS.

Warranty period: three years.



Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

The vertical sliding blackboard frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the corners are ABS, which increases the wear resistance and enhances the service life, making the whole classroom beautiful and generous.

Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

Up and down sliding blackboard , frosted board surface, smooth writing, easy to erase, no vertigo, protect eyesight.

Vertical Sliding Green Board  

Steel L-seat sprocket and chain drive, smooth lifting, no noise, easy sliding, saving time and effort.

Vertical Push-Pull Blackboard

The left and right parts of the upper and lower two writing green boards, a total of 2 groups of 4 writing green boards. Each group of lifting green plate through the chain transmission device, one of which rises, the other automatically falls accordingly, you can stop at any point.

Application Case

Vertical Sliding BlackboardVertical Sliding Blackboard


Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Company Introduction

Shandong Lanbeisite Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of blackboard. The core components are developed and produced by ourselves. Set R & D, production, sales, after-sales as one, has its own complete production system, sales network throughout the region, with more than 200 intellectual property rights at home and abroad, as an industry leader, LONBEST has always taken social responsibility as the foundation of enterprise growth, Taking it as our responsibility to promote the reform of educational methods, LONBEST will continue to build the most valuable, respected and socially responsible benchmarking enterprise in China's educational equipment industry.

Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard

Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard Vertical Sliding Blackboard


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Vertical Sliding Blackboard

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