LONBEST LCD Blackboard Discount Activity Is Here! - 10% OFF

2023/09/28 14:43

Our core product-B60A LCD Blackboard, will receive an exclusive 10% off -Whether you are an institution looking to renovate multiple classrooms, a personal educator looking to enhance teaching tools, or a company wanting to improve the meeting room environment, this discount is not to be missed.

The B60A Blackboard is a new type of blackboard that uses pressure sensitivity to change the molecular structure of the LCD, presenting handwriting through reflected natural light. It aims to replace traditional chalkboards and whiteboards and keep people away from dust and chemical pollution. The operation is similar to regular chalkboards and whiteboards, without the complexity of electronic devices, making it easy for children to use. Simply write and draw on the board, and press the erase button to delete.


LONBEST LCD writing boards can be widely used in education, business, family, and other fields. In the education sector, it can serve as a replacement for chalkboards or whiteboards, facilitating classroom communication between teachers and students. In the business sector, it can be used as a meeting record tool, facilitating information recording and sharing. In the family, it can be used as a memo or message board, enabling family members to leave messages and communicate.   Whether facing large classrooms or small meeting rooms, our blackboard products can meet your needs.

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