LONBEST LCD Writing Board E-Writing Blackboard

2023/07/18 16:39

A major source of teachers' occupational diseases is dust pollution. Traditional teaching writing is mainly based on chalk writing, and a large amount of dust is generated during the writing and wiping process, which seriously endangers the health of teachers and students. Based on this situation, LONBEST has developed and produced a new generation of teaching writing board - Dust-free Electronic Writing blackboard.

LONBEST electronic blackboard can be written on any hard object, without any consumables, highly energy-saving, green and healthy. It has completely changed the historical phenomenon of teachers and students eating chalk dust, and it is also a historic change to traditional writing.

LONBEST E-writing blackboard


  1. No dust, no consumables: Equipped with special writing tools, suitable for use habits; you can also use any moderately hard objects for writing, without any consumables, eliminate dust pollution, and eliminate the health hazards caused by dust to teachers and students.

  2. Eyesight protection: pure natural light reflection, no ionizing radiation, long-term viewing does not irritate the eyes, and protects eyesight. Reject self-illuminated or projected images.

  3. One-key erasing: You can lightly press the one-key erasing button to instantly clear the writing on the blackboard, reducing the burden on teachers and students to wipe the blackboard.

  4. Partial erasure: You can use a blackboard eraser or palm to cover the content that needs to be erased, and it can be cleared quickly.

  5. Synchronous transmission: The written content on the blackboard can be displayed on the large display screen synchronously for clearer viewing.

  6. One-click saving: The content on the blackboard can be saved in PDF format, which is convenient for subsequent review.

  7. Charging function: Built-in lithium battery, which can be recharged and used repeatedly, avoiding repeated replacement of disposable batteries and reducing the pollution of waste batteries to the ecological environment. The charging interface adopts the universal Micro usb or Type-C interface.

  8. Energy saving and environmental protection: you can write and display without using electricity, only a little electricity will be used when erasing.

    LONBEST E-writing blackboard

As an epoch-making writing product, the electronic blackboard is frequently used at work. Users should understand the maintenance and maintenance items in advance to ensure that they are used in the correct way. E-writing blackboard is not easy to damage, and it is easy to maintain and maintain, no special operation is required, and the user can handle it by himself. Before using this product, please be sure to carefully read the following precautions during the use of the smart blackboard, which will help you use the PDLC Writing Board better and effectively ensure the service life of the product.

1. Please use objects with moderate hardness for writing, such as supporting writing pens. It is forbidden to use sharp objects to scratch the surface of the intelligent blackboard, such as knives, scissors, chalk, etc., to avoid scratching the surface of the panel.

  2. If the surface of the board is dirty, the best way is to wipe the surface with alcohol and a dust-free cloth (because it can remove grease traces). You can also simply use a clean towel to clean the dust, and wipe it regularly for 5-7 days. It is forbidden to use a wet towel to wipe the surface of the board to prevent liquid from flowing into the circuit around the panel and causing damage.

  3. This product is only for indoor use, please do not place it outdoors for a long time, as long-term exposure to the sun will affect its service life.

4. If not in use for a long time, please cut off the power.

LONBEST E-writing blackboard