Innovation Without End--Congratulations on the new achievements of LONBEST's patent.

2023/09/06 09:13

Innovation Without End--Congratulations on the New Achievements of LONBEST's Patent.

Recently, our "a kind of blackboard structure device that can prevent chalk dust" was authorized by a patent;  this is another utility model patent, following the "a kind of touch-resistant interference liquid crystal display device". So far, 30 patents have been authorized this year, including 6 invention patents. This marks a significant breakthrough and progress in independent research and development and scientific and technological innovation.


The new invention patents granted this year include: "a single-layer bistable liquid crystal copying device and method", "a light writing pen and writing display method for liquid crystal writing device", "a light erasing member and a method for determining the wavelength of erasing light by the light erasing member", etc.   Among them. The "Partial erase electromagnetic positioning system and method thereof" discloses a partial erase electromagnetic positioning system and method thereof. The liquid crystal writing film has a wide range of applications as a common tool for writing, and has various advantages such as being reusable, intelligent, and environmentally friendly, and has promoted the development of writing, recording, teaching, and other application fields. The working principle of LCD writing film is to use the bistable property of liquid crystal to realize displaying or erasing the writing content on LCD writing blackboard.


At present, the company declared more than 300 intellectual property rights, including more than 80 invention patents, 5 foreign invention patents, covering 53 countries and regions, mastering the absolute core technology of LCD writing, and laying down the leading position of LONBEST in the field of global LCD writing blackboard.


In recent years, the LONBEST Group has continuously increased investment in scientific research, and actively carry out technological innovation, after years of efforts, the company has a fruitful high-value patents, these patent achievements for the development of the company has accumulated the impetus to move forward, improve the company's core competitiveness, and provide a strong scientific and technological support for the transformation and development of the company.


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