Business Intelligence Writing Board

1. The flexible liquid crystal material withextremely high sensitivity is adopted to guarantee high-brightness hand writing by sensitive writing.

2. The frame adopts aluminum alloy frame, strong and durable.

The business electronic writing blackboard can be hung on the wall alone, or it can be installed with a mobile bracket.

3. Easy to clean, wipe the board regularly with a soft, clean cloth (a small amount of alcohol can be used).

4. Three years warranty, during any questions feel free to contact us.

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Product Details

Intelligent blackboard is a new high-tech environmental protection products, clean green eye protection, can be mobile office at any time, improve office efficiency.

Intelligent blackboard


Product Specification


                               B60A / 60inch

                Writing Area(mm)

                           1248*873(Near 4:3)

              Physical Dimension(mm)


               Frame Dimension(mm)

    26mm(Top/Left/Right Frame); 56mm(Bottom)

                     Film Material

              Flexible Liquid Crystal Writing Film

               Film Surface Finish

                        Anti-glare technique

                    Frame Material

                            Aluminum Alloy

             Frame Surface Finish

                               Sand Blast

    Erasing Method Erasing Method

                     One Key Erase / Full Erase

                 Writing Method

                            Fingernail / Stylus


                         AA Battery, 3 pieces


                      Mounting on the wall

Mounting on Mobile Stand with   VESA Standard Bracket


The blackboard can be written with any hard objects, if you can't find a special stylus in a hurry, you can also write with your fingernails. There is no need to buy chalk, markers and other disposable items, saving money and environmental protection. This also means that no dust is produced, protecting the health of the user.

Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

The blackboard uses pressure sensitive writing, but there is no requirement for pressure, and it is easy to write very clear handwriting. By varying the force, users can change the thickness and concentration of strokes, making the writing experience very real.

Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

The blackboard is displayed by reflection of natural light, and the film surface adopts anti-glare technology, anti-radiation, no blue light, and protect eyesight.

Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

Blackboard with a key erase function, press the erase key, you can instantly erase all the text on the screen, efficient office.

B60A E-writing blackboard

The writing display process does not require electricity, only when erasing will need a little power, the blackboard uses battery power, energy saving and environmental protection.

Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

  Installation mode

                           Mounted on the Wall                                                             Mounted on Mobile Stand

Application Case



Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

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Smart LCD Business Writing Blackboard

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