Classroom Frameless Magnetic Chalk Board

1. There is no frame on the left or right side, and the frame of the inner board is no longer an obstacle to writing. The writing content can be presented across the board, and the writing area is larger, and the whole is more beautiful.

2. Two sizes 4000*1305mm/4300*1305mm. Perfect match with 65 "/75" /86 "LCD display.

3. The surface is painted steel plate, the back is galvanized steel plate, the frame is aluminum alloy, the four corners of the frame are circular ABS material, and the inner plate is polystyrene board. The use of high quality materials, enhance the durability of the blackboard.

4. We provide a three-year warranty period. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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The frameless sliding green blackboard compared with the traditional blackboard, it has the advantages of barrier-free writing, strong integrity and effectively increasing the writing area.

frameless sliding green blackboard

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frameless sliding green blackboard

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Frameless sliding green blackboard adopts folding process design, no side frame protruding block writing surface. The front of the blackboard is fully integrated without any traditional grid lines, presenting a stylish and modern look. This design makes it more visually pleasing and enhances the beauty of any learning or working environment.

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Without a frame to allow for a larger writing area, the rimless sliding green chalkboard has about 8% more writing area than a traditional framed chalkboard at the same size.

LB05S New Sliding Green Board.jpg

Inverted u hidden sliding track, Prevent dust from entering the slide, from the structure to solve the problem of dust influence sliding.

Application Case

LB05S New Sliding Green Board.jpg

LB05S New Sliding Green Board.jpg

LB05S New Sliding Green Board.jpg

LB05S New Sliding Green Board.jpg

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Lanbeisite Group was established in 2005 and listed on the NEEQ ( National Equities Exchange and Quotations ) with stock code 832730 in 2015. The head office is located in Jinan, China.

We are "country wide high-tech employer" which develops ecological and clever coaching gadget. our business enterprise challenge is dedicated to bringing dust-free, environmental, intelligent writing and educational gadget into every circle of relatives, college and employer.

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LB05S New Sliding Green Board

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