60" LCD Writing Blackboard Handwriting Writing Board

1. LONBEST electronic blackboard adopts the world's leading PDLC liquid crystal technology. Through independent research and development, design and production, it achieves truly dust-free and consumable-free writing.

2. LCD electronic blackboard not only completely restores the usage habits of traditional blackboards, but also opens up the interaction between the blackboard and the large screen for real-time transmission, storage and other functions.

3. Electronic writing blackboards are widely used in the current education and teaching environment, eliminating the harm of dust pollution to the health of teachers and students. They are a breakthrough innovative product for teaching writing boards.

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Product Details

E-writing Blackboard - A whole new way to write

LCD writing blackboard

LCD writing blackboard

Products Description

LCD writing blackboard

LCD blackboards are an innovative solution that eliminates the need for traditional writing implements like markers and chalk. With this technology, users can write using any moderately hard object, including their fingernails. This not only saves costs associated with purchasing and disposing of disposable writing tools but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste. Additionally, the use of electronic writing blackboards completely resolves the issue of dust commonly associated with traditional chalkboards.

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Users can easily clear the entire contents of the electronic writing blackboard by simply pressing the erase button. This feature makes the erasing process convenient and efficient. Instead of manually erasing each word, users can quickly clear the board with just one tap, saving time and energy.

LCD writing blackboard

The E-writing Blackboard uses pressure-sensitive writing technology to recognise writing pressure and provide a more realistic and intuitive writing experience.

LCD writing blackboard

      The electronic writing blackboard is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional displays, it does not require electricity for writing and displaying. Only weak power source is needed for the erasing function. The LCD blackboard is powered by three AA batteries, which makes it portable and easy to move to different locations. 

LCD writing blackboard

The LCD writing blackboard is specifically designed to prioritize the protection of the user's eyesight. Its display is backlight-less and radiation-free, ensuring a safe and comfortable writing experience. This unique design relies on the reflection of natural light to form the displayed fonts, resulting in a softer and gentler visual experience. The LCD writing board minimizes eye strain and promotes healthier usage, making it an ideal choice for extended writing sessions.

Product Paramenters

LONBEST Premium Blackboard (B60A)

                              Catalogue                                                                       Details
                                Model                               B60A / 60inch
                       Writing Area(mm)                                  1248*873
                    Physical Dimension(mm)                               1300*955*21
                     Frame Dimension(mm)

        26mm(Top/Left/Right Frame); 56mm(Bottom)

                            Film Material

                 Flexible Liquid Crystal Writing Film

                      Film Surface Finish                          Anti-glare technique
                         Frame Material                            Aluminum Alloy
                     Frame Surface Finish                                 Sand Blast
             Erasing Method Erasing Method                              One Key Erase 
                        Writing Method                           Fingernail / Stylus
                              Battery                               3*AA Battery



                        Mounting on the wall
Mounting on Mobile Stand with VESA Standard Bracket

Installation Instructions

B60A E-writing blackboard

B60A E-writing blackboard

                            Mounted on the Wall                                                             Mounted on Mobile Stand

LCD blackboard


60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard

60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard

60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard

Company Profile

Shandong Lanbeisite Educational Equipment Group

Shandong Lanbeisite Educational Equipment Group was established in 2005 and is an independently developed blackboard manufacturer.   Specialized in LCD writing boards / LCD Blackboards since 2014, and we have obtained a World Patent, which the USA, China, Korea, Japan and Australia approve.

At present, the company has various blackboard models. All products are independently developed and designed to ensure that the company is in the leading position in the industry. The blackboards are made of high-quality materials, have a complete production line, and have a medical-grade dust-free workshop of 2,000 square meters. In addition to production, the company also has a mature after-sales system that can provide the best quality services.

60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard  60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard  60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard  60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard 60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard  60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard  60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard  60 Inch Magnetic LCD Electronic Writing Blackboard


LONBEST Exhibition

LONBEST Exhibition

                                    2020 Qingdao                                                                           2021 Barcelona ISE



                2021 Strategic Cooperation with BOE                                          2022 Hand-in-Hand with Huawei

                                 2023 Jinan                                                                                 2023 EduTech Australia 

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1. What kind of writing is used on the electronic writing blackboard?

It is a new type of blackboard that uses pressure sensing to change the molecular structure of liquid crystal to display handwriting. Any medium-hard object can be used as a writing instrument, or even without a writing instrument, you can use your fingernails to write.

2. If the battery is dead, can the blackboard still be written on?

The blackboard displays writing by reflecting natural light, and it can be written even without electricity. It just cannot be erased when there is no power. You can replace the battery of this product at any time, which is very convenient to use.

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